Sunday, August 19, 2012

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For the latest scores and stories on Jackson Northwest football, go to the Jackson Northwest football page on MLive's High School Sports site.

Already, you'll find a season preview on that page (which includes the 2012 schedule).

Also, there is an overview of the Mounties' conference, which now includes Lumen Christi and Western.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Western beats Northwest, 49-14

Western has beaten Northwest, 49-14.

Jackson Citizen Patriot story and photo gallery here.

The victory was the Panthers' first over Northwest since 2002. That year, Western won, 13-12.

The Mounties finished the season with a record of 1-8.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Leslie tops Northwest, 40-7

Leslie has beaten Northwest, 40-7, according to the Jackson Citizen Patriot and MLive.

The Mounties had an early 7-6 lead but the Blackhawks ran away with the game from there, according to the Cit Pat story.

Northwest falls to 1-7 on the season while Leslie improves to 7-1.

The Mounties close out the season at home next Friday against Western.

Tonight's game was the first matchup between Northwest and Leslie since 1972. And the Blackhawks broke a series tie, now leading it six games to five.

The two schools first played each other in 1959, with the Mounties winning that one, 10-7.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Charlotte pounds Northwest, 62-6

Charlotte beat Northwest tonight, 62-6, according to MLive and the Jackson Citizen Patriot.

The Cit Pat reported that the running clock was started before the first quarter ended.

The 56-point loss is the worst of the season for the Mounties (Lansing Waverly beat them 53-0 last week in the team's worst shutout-loss in history).

Tonight's loss, however, is not the worst ever for the Mounties.

In 2003, Charlotte beat Northwest by a 58-point margin, 66-8, which by my count currently stands as the worst loss in school history.

Next week, the Mounties (1-6) face a very tough Leslie Blackhawks team.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Worst shutout loss since at least 1977

I got curious and started cruising back through the archives on this site (the scores come from, please feel free to double check me since I did this quickly) and from what I see, Friday's 53-0 loss to Lansing Waverly was the worst shutout loss since at least 1977.

I stopped at 1977 because that was the first losing season for Northwest after a long run of winning records under coach Duane Kaiser. I may keep plowing back at some point.

So, below are the shutout wins and losses for Northwest since the 1977 season. Again, I may have missed a game since I did this rather quickly. Feel free to post a correction.


65-0, Inkster, 1988

47-0, Stockbridge, 1994

42-0, Columbia Central, 1990

41-0, Western, 2010

28-0, Eaton Rapids, 1995

27-0, Hastings, 1981

27-0, Harper Creek, 1980

26-0, Columbia Central, 1993

22-0, Western, 1988

21-0, Sturgis, 1982

19-0, Hastings, 1980

16-0, Eaton Rapids, 2001

14-0, Haslett, 1987

14-0, Harper Creek, 1982

14-0, Western, 1978

12-0, Haslett, 1988


53-0, Lansing Waverly, 2011

52-0, Jackson, 1978

49-0, Mason, 2010

49-0, Ionia, 2005

48-0, Tecumseh, 1992

48-0, Lumen Christi, 1977

45-0, Mason, 2011

45-0, Lansing Sexton, 2011

44-0, Jackson, 1977

42-0, Eaton Rapids, 1986

41-0, Cheyboygan, 2011

41-0, Lumen Christi, 2000

40-0, Albion, 1983

39-0, Haslett, 1995

39-0, Chelsea, 1977

35-0, Lumen Christi, 2003

35-0, Haslett, 2001

35-0, Haslett, 1999

35-0, Lumen Christi, 1991

35-0, Lumen Christi, 1984

34-0, Lake Odessa Lakewood

33-0, Riverview, 1977

30-0, Lumen Christi, 1987

28-0, Coldwater, 1979

27-0, Lumen Christi, 1994

27-0, Tecumseh, 1984

27-0, Hastings, 1979

26-0, Sexton, 2007

24-0, Tecumseh, 2000

23-0, Haslett, 1992

22-0, Columbia Central, 1986

21-0, Mason, 2000

21-0, Tecumseh, 1990

21-0, Lumen Christi, 1986

20-0, Lansing Catholic, 2002

19-0, Muskegon Heights, 1977

17-0, Haslett, 2000

17-0, Dearborn, 1986

14-0, Lumen Christi, 1998

14-0, Charlotte, 1989

13-0, Lansing Catholic, 2006

13-0, Columbia Central, 1988

13-0, Woodhaven, 1978

12-0, Western, 1986

12-0, Fowlerville, 1985

12-0, Lumen Christi, 1983

12-0, Sturgis, 1979

8-0, Ypsilanti Willow Run

7-0, Fowlerville, 1986

6-0, Jackson, 1986

6-0, Eaton Rapids, 1983

6-0, Western, 1979

What went wrong?

Given the state of the Northwest football team, I'm not sure anybody is even checking this blog.

But if you are and you have any idea what's plaguing the team this year, please share in the comments section. I'd love to know.

I understand the team is young but after that season-opening win at Jackson High, it sure looked like they were capable of doing some damage this year, especially with the softer schedule. Granted, J-High is only 1-5 this season but, still, for Northwest to beat them in overtime at Withington was huge.

Now, the Mounties are staring down the barrel of another 1-8 season and the prospect of their first loss to Western (which is currently 4-2, coming off a victory over Columbia Central, which drubbed the Mounties) since 2002.

Is it the team's youth? Were there injuries? How did the wheels come off this season? And what can be done to start building for 2012?

Lansing Waverly blanks Northwest, 53-0

Lansing Waverly beat Northwest on Friday by a score of 53-0, according to the Jackson Citizen Patriot.

The Cit-Pat reported that it was the Mounties' worst loss since Charlotte beat them 66-8 in 2003.

And just Northwest's luck, they head to Charlotte next Friday.

The Mounties, which opened the season with a memorable overtime win at Jackson High, have now lost five straight and are 1-5.